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Synopsis of The Dangers in My Heart Manga

Kyoutarou Ichikawa may look like a shy and reserved middle school student, but deep within his heart is a bloodthirsty killer. His ultimate desire is to see his classmate Anna Yamada’s beautiful face writhing in pain before he ends her life. But this fantasy may never come to fruition, as Ichikawa starts to see an entirely different side to Yamada.

Often seeking refuge in the library, Ichikawa frequently runs into Yamada. During these encounters, Ichikawa realizes his model classmate is actually an airhead who can never read the room. As they spend more time together, the boy cannot help but feel not only a sense of endearment toward the very girl he wishes to murder but also a desire to protect her at all costs. Is it possible that this sudden change in Ichikawa’s perspective could lead to something more?

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The Dangers in My Heart Manga Review

I don’t review anime but here it is. This review was done after I watched ep 9.
‘Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu’ with great adaptation is an absolute banger with a refreshing story and animation, tones, and lightning give a touch to it. The story is refreshing and touches the feelings of the youthful romance. The amount of work they gave making every scene is fine 10 for me. I love its Ending and Opening, it’s too sweet to skip every time I watch.I love how the main character is (emo) struggling to understand his true feelings. And how the relationship slowly builds up with no confession but keeps moving on with every cute inch as time passes. It’s like they both know they love each other but they like how their relationship is going (till ep 9). The side characters even give the touch a little just focusing on those two. This anime made my heart skip and fluster just watching them lol. Anyway, it’s worth watching easily so don’t judge watching the anime in just 3 – 4 episodes because it’s stupid and lets the story progress.
Reviewer’s Rating: 10